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mieke (miq1306@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 23 May 2007 10:04:01 PM EDT

Both of you girls are amazed me.. really. Good job, girls.. and armand's photos are so good.

Congrats to Ira.. All the best.. Our prayer goes with all of you..


Esther (kibs77@yahoo.com)
Date:Wed 23 May 2007 05:32:38 PM EDT
Subject:Amazing Baliness Party

We were fortunate to be guests at the baliness party. I was amazed at every intimate detail. You can see the thought and creativity that went into making this event the success that it was.
Your have a gift my dear. I wish I could fly you to my side of the country for every event I had to host.


Pernell and Nairi Toney (k_nairi@hotmail.com)
Date:Sat 07 Apr 2007 11:42:10 AM EDT
Subject:Our baby shower

It was the most memorable baby shower I had and had attended. The decorations were beautiful, food was wonderful and the details of the event were beyond words. There were so many details (i.e. message in a bottle, the favors and the candy throughout the room), which made the whole event one suprise after another. Thank you very much for a beautiful baby shower.


Farid %26 Enam (faridgh@hotmail.com)
Date:Mon 02 Apr 2007 06:09:49 AM EDT
Subject:good luck

hello this is your friends from the Middle East. Very nice website simple but good, I like it. However, Enam thinks there is one big problem with the website... she is not in any of the pictures. Just kidding any way want to wish you good luck. see you in a month. Oh yeah the only thing i would suggest is instead of having the contact information down at each page have a link on the side underneath the other links for contact information.


Benjamin Young III (glamourshots2004@yahoo.com)
Date:Sun 01 Apr 2007 10:43:46 PM EDT

awesome decors + creative ideas + a great site = bright future ahead..... keep up the awesome work guys, its very inspiring to see something different, something extraordinary and fun.....


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